About Us

The pustakalaya for kids

"Sometimes all you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe and have faith because miracles do happen."

When it came to academics, I completed BBA, FRM, MS(Fin) and easily made it to big corporate houses. However, story books were a big no for me!  It is no short of a miracle when a complete non-reader in me transformed into a children book librarian who now lives with books 24*7 The birth of motherhood in me was the turning point of my life. Bedtime stories have been an integral part of me and my two princess. It has been a special bonding time for three of us! 

"Once you learn the joy of reading a whole world of discovery opens up and you'll never look back." - Toby Reynolds.

"Kidzalaya" is my mission to share this joy around me. I strive to partner the young mothers in the early formative years (infant upto 6 years) of their children in three important stages, namely - 

1. Introduction to Reading
2. Read-alouds
3. Transition from read-aloud to reading independently

Mothers and children can choose from a vast variety of children books from renowned Indian and International authors. Explore and rent a variety of children books ranging from fiction and non-fiction topics such as mythology, early science, early maths, general knowldege, moral and values, abstract, finger puzzles and so on. Come, lets inculcate early reading habits and make reading a fun and pleasurable bonding time with our loved ones!